X stands for an eXtra. Xtra Bullish, Xtra Secure, Xtra Rewarding!
Hold BABYX and receive rewards in both BULLISH & BUSD!

The most bullish baby token! A little brother of BullishApes. BULLISH double rewards combined with utility, strong marketing, doxxed, and transparent team. Created to land on the moon. Hold at least 200,000 tokens to receive rewards in BUSD and BULLISH!





In Circulation



Buy tax

Each buy transaction is taxed with 11% fee

5% of it is distributed to holders in BULLISH (Bep20) every 3 hours, 1% goes straight to LP, and 5% is for development, advertisement, and listing fees.

To claim rewards you should either sell 1 BABYX to see them instantly or to wait and you will get them accumulated.







Sell tax

Each sell transaction is taxed with 14% fee

We tax all the sell transactions with the same 11% fee like buy ones + 3% extra sell fee resulting in 14% tax. 5% of tax is redistributed to holders in BULLISH (Bep20) every 3 hours, 1% goes straight to LP, and 5% for all the fees needed to build and improve the token. An extra sell tax will go straight into rewards. Holders will receive 8% in total. In addition to all the above, you will get BUSD rewards if you hold 200,000 BULLISH or more. 

To claim rewards you should either sell 1 BABYX to see them instantly or to wait and you will get them accumulated.








Here you can view our goals and check on our ongoing progress.




The team

Our team is composed of experienced and passionate devs.

Every team member is DOXXED. Our team will be expanded as we grow.

George Aliman


Founder and crypto enthusiastic. I’m in crypto for a few years and always wanted to create a project that can make people rich fast. Bullish Apes is exactly that one. Fill your bags and get ready for the BULLISH journey!!!

Alexander Alecu

Marketing Expert

I have big experience in marketing and lots of connections in crypto world. I’m marketing manager for a living in my real life and I know what exactly to do to make the project successful and everyone rich.

Christian A

Software Engineer

I’m tech addict and studied solidity for the past 4 years. Cryptocurrency is completely new world full of possibilities and awesome things. Our code is clean and safe completely but the most important thing for every token is honest dev. I’m fully transparent with you, so you don’t have to worry about your investments.


You will get rewards in BULLISH if you hold at least 200,000 BABYX.
Add BULLISH contract to see them:
If you received 200,000 or more BULLISH as a reward, you will receive BUSD additionally. Add BUSD contract to see them:

You will receive rewards automatically every 3 hours or after making any transaction. Amount of rewards depends on your holdings and the trading volume.

You have to add custom token in order to see the tokens you bought:
Contract: 0x234003ffa399e8bc53236ac777f4c781b10d1344
Network: Smart Chain
Name: BabyXape
Symbol: BABYX
Decimals: 9

Yes, our team is doxxed and successfully launched the BullishApes project. It’s associated with transparency, trust in a large community of investors already. The founder passed KYC with CEX upon BullishApes listing, and every investor had a chance to see his honesty and strong will to work for a result. He holds video chats in our group as well as external AMAs to bring more investors. The team grows with the project, and we have a lot of moderators who will support you 24/7.

We listed on both within 12h after launch on pancakeswap


Social Media

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   Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investments which constitute the possibility of great price swings across often short periods of time. Keeping that in mind, this whitepaper does not represent any financial advice, and should not be treated as such in any way. The contents of this website reflects the vision and map of BabyXape Company. It is not intended to entice individuals into investing their money into BABYX.

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