Tesla Reportedly Delays Cybertruck Deliveries to Fix the Giant Windshield Wiper

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Key Takeaways

  • Tesla appears to have delayed Cybertruck deliveries by a week over a wiper issue.
  • Some owners say the wiper turns on at the wrong time, or not at all.
  • It's not clear if there will be a recall.

Tesla is said to have temporarily delayed Cybertruck deliveries after running into problems with the electric pickup’s giant windshield wiper.

People at the Cybertruck Owners Club forum reported that all deliveries were moved forward a week after Tesla discovered an issue with the wiper’s motor. While the exact problem wasn’t clear, some who recently took delivery said their wiper wasn’t working at all.

Electrek also noticed that its truck’s wiper would either start 0n its own or come to rest in the wrong position. Tesla’s automatic wiper functionality had created problems with other models before, but the Cybertruck appeared to be uniquely flawed.

Tesla disbanded its communications team years ago and wasn’t available for comment. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn’t published details of a recall for Cybertrucks that have already shipped.

The wiper is one of the Cybertruck’s signature features. Rather than try to use multiple wipers to clean the vehicle’s signature massive front windshield, Tesla decided to build the world’s largest wiper instead. That requires both more power than usual and a potentially costly repair. The blade is believed to cost $75, while the complete assembly is $165.

This isn’t the first hardware flaw for the EV. Tesla had to recall every Cybertruck in April after discovering that the accelerator pedal could get stuck. The fix was quick, but left vehicle sales off to a rough start.

The Cybertruck isn’t a major sales driver like the Model 3 or Y, so its problems aren’t likely to significantly affect Tesla’s sales. The company is already struggling to reinvigorate demand, though, and the truck is considered an ambassador for the brand. The combination of build quality issues might not reflect well on Tesla as a whole.