Daniel Pelberg

Financial Journalist

Dan has been a content and copywriter in the financial services and fintech industries for over a decade where he has seen firsthand the evolution of financial services and helped many companies convey complex information to a wide audience, both in the B2B and B2C markets.

Dan has an affinity for all types of content in the financial sector, whether it’s writing an educational script for a new financial product video, a monthly newsletter for a financial advising firm, or a blog post for a new Bitcoin service.

As a digital freelancer, Dan has had the opportunity to work with financial companies across the globe, from the United States to the UAE. He's worked with financial institutions, banks, fintech startups, digital assets, and more. Dan's clients have included Morgan Stanley, Capital One, eToro, Western Union, and J.D. Power, and his work has been featured in outlets like Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Tearsheet.

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